Third call for financial support to replace old energy-inefficient heating devices with new ones – inverters
November 3, 2022

In order to improve air quality, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the City of Skopje and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (IcTY), publishes a call for financial support on Socio-economically vulnerable households from Skopje to replace old energy-inefficient heating bodies with new energy more efficient devices (air conditioner – inverters).
Analysis on the share of different sources of pollution in Skopje shows that biomass combustion remains the largest individual source of ambient air pollution, and due to specific weather distribution, it is the main driver of the occurrence of cases of high pollution during the winter period.

For this purpose, UNDP publishes a call on which households can apply if:
• as a source of heating of households use:
– stoves of firewood, coal, oil or waste
– old energy-inefficient appliances – thermal accumulation stoves, panels, calorifiers, etc., which load the energy system
• are recipients of social assistance by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy: guaranteed minimum aid (GMP), special allowance, social security for the elderly, child benefit and education

• accept to replace the old heating device with a new air conditioner – an inverter, to be provided through the project

• meet the remaining conditions of the call and agree with them.

About 150 households are scheduled to be supported through the call. The number of supported households may change according to the amount of available funds. A priority support group is social welfare users living in The Municipality of Aerodrom. Financial support for the introduction of these measures is provided by the Swedish Agency for International Co-operation and Development – SIDA through the project “Tackling air pollution in the city of Skopje”.

1. Fully completed and signed application.
2. A copy of the candidate’s ID card (the ID address should be identical to the address of the object for which you apply to the call).
3. Proof that the household is a beneficiary of social welfare from the Ministry of Labor and Social Work.
4. Completed and signed statements and consents:
• Consent to the use of personal data by UNDP for the needs of the project;
• Statement of accuracy and veracity of the above information and data in the application;
• Consent to replace the heating body.
5. If it is a caring family, single parents or household in which there is a disabled person – to provide proof.

All documents required for registration are provided with an indication of “Call for replacement of old heating bodies” at the following address:
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Jordan Hadji-Konstantinov Ginot No. 23, Skopje. The application deadline is May 30, 2022.

The application and any additional information about the call can be found here on the UNDP website. Please check regularly!

Third Call_Air pollution – inverters

Third Call_Application form_Air Pollution-inverters

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