Research on energy efficiency and practical capacities of companies in Skopje
June 19, 2022

The survey was conducted on a total number of 1004 small and micro companies on the territory of the city of Skopje. The adequate coverage by municipalities and activities was distributed according to the distribution provided by the State Statistical Office. The focus was on the companies that operate in the Manufacturing industry and adequately their number on the sample was quadrupled.

истражување за микро и мали претпријатија EN
Additionally, only certain sub-sectors that have a potentially greater impact on air pollution were selected from the three sectors Construction, Transport and Storage and Information and Communications.
In terms of these three sectors, the focus was on:
• Construction: cottages / containers / barracks at construction sites
• Transport and storage: storage areas (storage of goods)
• Information and communications: publishing books, editions published periodically and other publishing activities

In terms of possible energy efficiency measures, in order to reduce air pollution in the City of Skopje, the focus is on three types of measures: measures aimed at the facility and its elements (external layer), measures aimed at the heating, cooling and ventilation system, as well as measures aimed at the manufacturing process. When it comes to the energy source for heating, the situation is very different from the actual condition of the facility. A significant part of the facilities (58.1%) uses electricity as energy source. Thus, the measures regarding these heating systems will not have an impact on air pollution on the territory of the City of Skopje.

The survey shows that it is possible for the companies to implement the measures that would significantly affect the environment. The greatest focus by local and central authorities should be placed on raising companies’ awareness of the benefits from implementing the measures (measures which have significant financial benefits in addition to environmental impact and energy efficiency). The greatest focus by companies as a whole should be placed on measures in the heating system and renewable energy sources. When it comes to the subgroup of companies that have manufacturing facilities, the focus should be placed on the manufacturing process as the most dominant energy consumer.

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