Ways to Prevent Air Pollution
April 16, 2021

Reduce Use of Fossil Fuels

There are many ways to prevent air pollution. These range from major changes to the way that energy is produced and consumed, through to small ways that we, as individuals, can help the environment. Stopping burning fossil fuels is an important part of preventing air pollution.



Reduce Our Dependency on Oil

Reducing our dependency on oil is important. Seeking alternatives to traditional energy sources such as oil will help the environment and stop air pollution.



Use Clean Energy

Clean energy sources, such as wind power, are a good alternative to traditional fuels. Not only are they from a renewable source, meaning that there is minimum environmental impact, they are also produced without the harmful emissions that cause air pollution.

Clean Energy 

Reduce Emissions from Cars

Cars are a big generator of air pollution. Changing to hybrid or electric cars can help to reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced. Other alternatives include cycling. This is a great way to keep fit as well as helping the environment.


Look for Clean Fuel for the Home

We can all help to reduce air pollution by looking for clean alternatives to fossil fuels that are used in the home. Coal fires may look attractive, yet they often contribute to air pollution. Clean burning alternatives are kinder to the environment.


Plant a Tree

Trees play an important part in reducing air pollution. Planting trees can help to clean the air as well as being a good means of offsetting carbon emissions. Many companies run tree planting campaigns to reduce their carbon footprint.

plant a tree


Reduce the Need to Travel

Transport such as airplanes use a lot of fuel and contribute to air pollution. Everyone can do a little to help reduce the pollution caused by transport. Businesses for instance, can reduce the need for staff to travel by investing in new technologies such as video conferencing.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is an important part of reducing air pollution. There are many small steps that can have a big impact. Buying locally produced food, for instance, reduces the energy that is used transporting food many hundreds or thousands of miles. Switching lights off when not in use stop the burning of electricity needlessly. Here is some more interesting reading about the environment, including ideas of ways to prevent air pollution.

Carbon Footprint

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