University Goce Delchev analysis: Burning fire wood, still No.1 pollutant
June 19, 2022

Biomass burning is largest single air pollutant – this is the conclusion of the Source apportionment study prepared by Ambicom laboratory from the University Goce Delchev in Shtip. 

The lab from this university came to these findings as result of long and comprehensive pollution source analysis.

The air in the City of Skopje has been measured on 5 carefully chosen locations, taking into consideration the necessity of achieving representative sampling possibilities, say university sources.

Sampling/receptors locations in the City of Skopje

Measurements took place in 2020/2021

The monthly share of polluting sources at PM 2,5 on both locations, clearly present high seasonal variations at the majority of the sources. The Study indicates that during summer months there are no recorded values. But, the situation is drastically different during winter period (November – March), having biomass burning factor as main pollution source on both locations, recording average share between 17,41 and 45,07 μg/m3 for Novo Lisice location, and 12,16 to 30,42 μg/m3 for Karpos.

According to the analysis, traffic is second largest pollution source in many of Skopje’s settlements, while burning diesel and heavy-fuel oil and industry have their share in the overall pollution throughout the year.

The analysis was prepared as part of the project funded by UNDP and in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and spatial planning and the City of Skopje.

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