EU reminds Macedonia on problem with air pollution
June 19, 2022

EC’s latest report on the Republic of North Macedonia clearly indicates that the country needs to increase national and local funding for combating air pollution. EC states the the problem with air pollution is significant and that the national authorities must involve in resolving the issue.

“Limited implementation and resources, poor intersectoral collaboration and coordination between central and local authorities significantly diminish the influence of the activities for reducing air pollution. Air pollution in big cities remain to major concern” – says EC report.

In relation to the living environment, EC indicates that the administrative capacity on all levels persists to be low, with insufficient implementation funds and necessity for strengthening the existing legislature.


Implementation of the environmental impact assessment and the Strategic evaluation of living environment should be improved, especially through the process of public debate and in relation to the report quality. The dialog with the civil society and the processes of public debate in this sector must be significantly improved.

Lack of transparency and access to information is a repeating problem. The law on environmental inspectorate and amendments on the Law on the evaluation of environmental impact are still not adopted. Limited progress is noted in relation with INSPIRE Directives in the area of environmental responsibility, states the EC.

In relation to waste management, EC indicates that poor administrative capacities, poor implementation level and limited cross-sectoral cooperation are considered as main obstacles in this sector.


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